Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hello, darling readers!
One of the most common projects for crocheters to take on is a washcloth. They're useful, easy to make, and fairly inexpensive. I've tried to make them before, from 100% cotton yarn, and hated the product- they ended up being waterlogged and didn't wash off my face as well as I like. So, I avoided washcloths for a while.
I saw Lily's Sugar'n Cream Scrubbie yarn at Michaels and had to try it, because it was designed for washcloth-like items and so it gave me some hope. I took it on my trip to Savannah because it could easily fit in my carry-on and I could use the finished product right away. I used the Lion Brand Pattern Sandy Shore Washcloth set, specifically the Grit Stitch pattern (http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90442AD.html?noImages=). I did made a small adjustment- the pattern calls for 17 rows, which with this yarn makes too small of a washcloth for my liking, so I used the whole skein and got a medium-sized washcloth out of it.

Overall, I’m pleased with the yarn and the product. The yarn worked up fairly easily, although it did tend to get caught on itself or the needle. Also, if I worked on the project for more than 25-30 minutes, my fingers did get a little raw from the yarn. However, the washcloth works wonderfully- doesn’t hold too much water, washes and dries well, and had a nice exfoliating aspect to it. I will probably make more washcloths from this yarn. I also like the variety of colors available, so I don't have to stick with plain white.

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  1. Super cute! Do you find them to be fairly durable?