Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mary Jane Slippers

Hello darling readers!
Sine June, I've been crocheting Mary Jane-inspired slippers for myself and family members. I got the inspiration from another crafter who mentioned that she learned to crochet simply to make these adorable shoes.

The first pattern I found is the most complicated and fits only the smaller-sized feet (US sizes 5.5-8) However, I found this pattern to "finish" more cleanly and, honestly, I find the final product to be cuter. These shoes take about 1.5-2 hours per shoe to make.
Here's how my first pair turned out:

Here is the link to the pattern:
* I found it necessary to do the counting (as tedious as it may be) in order to get everything to turn out so nicely. I also highly recommend the use of stitch-markers to mark the decrease spots.

The second pattern I found is much easier- I had it memorized after one shoe! Another benefit to this pattern is that it is super easy to adapt for larger-sized feet (I made them for size 10 and 11 feet). Another bonus is that they only take about an hour per shoe to make- super quick! However, I did not find the finishing of the project to go as neatly as the prior pattern and they feel a little floppy on my feet, although that might be because I made the shoes several sizes to large for me.
Here's how the pairs I made turned out:

Here is the link to the pattern:
*Make sure to read the comments below the pattern. They give suggestions for how to modify the pattern to your foot size.

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