Monday, March 19, 2012

Austentatious Crochet

Hello, darling readers!
As any crocheter knows, it is VERY difficult to find a nice crochet pattern book that doesn't involve outdated/lumpy clothes, baby blankets, or just pictures of stitches. Seriously, it sucks. The knitters out there get tons of pattern books for anything from toys to bags to clothing to you name it. Don't believe me? Go to your local book store, find the craft section, and compare the knitting shelves to the crochet shelf. Just because I'm not coordinated enough to handle two needles doesn't mean I don't deserve pretty patterns too! So, this past November/December, I learned to thank the heavens for Melissa Horozewski.
I doubt her name is familiar to you, although if you're a dedicated crocheter, you've probably seen her patterns appear in many magazines. However, you should learn to love this woman and thank her for one of the best crochet books ever created: Austentatious Crochet ( Do you love Jane Austen? Do you want to make items that are useful, pretty, and don't make you envious of knitters? BUY THIS BOOK (or do what I did and tell Santa Hubby that I needed it).
This wonderful creation has at least two dozen Jane Austen-inspired patterns for women's wear, men's gifts, baby/child items, and items for the home. Not only that, they're beautiful and don't look lumpy! I've had the book since Christmas and have made two lovely projects from it, with many more planned on the way (especially the beautiful pajamas!). The patterns have large photos throughout, showing the item from various angles, and sometimes they zoom in enough that you can really see stitch detail. The directions are typically very easy to follow, but if you have any issue, you can contact Melissa directly on her facebook page and she will be kind enough (and very prompt) to answer you- yes, you read that right, the author will personally respond to you! Also, she has all sorts of tutorials and videos on her website ( to help you along the way.
I honestly cannot praise this book and this author enough- do yourself a favor and try something from it! And, for you jealous knitters, nana nana boo boo!

Here are the two projects completed:
The Barton Cottage Rug
used: 4 skeins of Lion Brand Wood-Ease super bulky (two skeins of two colors)
This took me about a week to do.

The Regency Hat
used: 2 skeins of Loops and Threads Charisma
*please note- the pattern calls for a flower pin to be made and attached- I didn't do it- if you choose to, it will be two skeins of a worsted weight yarn (one in green, the other in a color of your choice)
This took me about a day to do.

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