Saturday, March 3, 2012

Explanation- Welcome Back?

Hello Darling Readers!
So, remember a few months ago when Crafty Mountainer went AWOL and nothing was showing up? As it turned out, my gmail account had been hacked, Google got a little pissy with me, and somehow deleted my account! Or, so I thought....
One day, I was trying to access my blog to link it to another website, and I discovered this one was back! Seeing as the majority of my followers were linked to this blog, and I had more posts on here, I decided to keep this blog, copy over my old posts, and delete the other blog. So, that's why there is an explosion of posts from me with some statements that might not make sense for the season.
Thank y'all so much for hanging in there with me and hopefully the Crafty Mountainer will stay online this time!

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