Saturday, March 3, 2012

Charity Feature- The Snuggles Project

Hello darling readers!
I'm so sorry it's been a time since I've written- the holidays made things crazy and then the new semester started, and on and on and on. So, on top of my many New Year's Resolutions, being more prompt with this blog is one of them (let's hope my delay doesn't signal anything...).
I'd like to do one more charity feature, one which is particularly near and dear to my heart: The Snuggles Project

Two of the several Snuggles I have hanging around the house...

I found the Snuggles Project about a year ago when looking for a new charity project. It's purpose is to create blankets, toys, and little pillows for animals in shelters to help calm them down and feel less scared. The idea is that if they are less scared (and thus more friendly), they'll be more appealing for adoption. As a proud Mommy of three shelter animals, and a strong advocate for adopting from shelters, this instantly caught my heart.

My first shelter baby, Mollie- a BIG fan of the snuggles

I know you hear me say this on a lot of my crochet charity features, but this time it is especially true: these items are a great way to use of extra yarn and wonderful for ANY level of crocheter or knitter (even beginners)! There are patterns written (and clearly labeled) on the website for each expertise level, with pictures showing how the stitch should turn out.
There are also patterns written for many different weights/types of yarn, so they really do help you use up those extra bits hanging around. You really don't need to go out an purchase anything more to create these items; plus, each project requires only as much yarn as you want to put into it. I know that it's not always pretty to create something with multiple colors, but guess what- animals don't care! To them, having something soft and smelling like a person to sleep on means the world (just ask Mollie- she tries to lay on everything I make).
The website also has a link for finding shelters in your area to donate to. If you don't find one, you can also google search local shelters- just ask them prior if they accept blankets, because some may not have the washing facilities. And when you go drop off the blankets, please consider donating a bag of food, a thing of litter, some treats, or even some Clorox bleach- shelters are really in need of these items (especially food, litter, and bleach).
For patterns, please go to
For a list of shelters in your area that are already confirm as accepting snuggles, please go to
The Snuggles Project can also be found on Facebook:

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