Saturday, March 3, 2012

Card Album

Hello, darling readers!
So how many of us like to keep the cards sent to us for special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc? I imagine I'm not the only one with a giant box filled to the brim with the cards I've received over the years- they are too special to just throw away! I wanted to figure out a way to show off my lovely wedding and engagement cards, but they didn't fit well in my albums, so they've been sitting in my card box, unlooked at and unappreciated. Until today, that it!
I'm just going to say it now: Pintrest is the devil. I've spent so much time browsing the cute things my friends post and my poor husband has become a guinea pig for all the recipes I've found. There are so many cute craft ideas floating around and I'm so glad I found this one to show off my wedding and engagement cards.
Here's where I got my inspiration:

Items needed:
1 sheet of scrapbook paper sized cardboard (12"x12")- 59 cents each
2 sheets of scrapbook paper, color of your choice (12"x12")- 69 cents each
Brads (two)- $1.79/ box
Metal craft rings- $1.99 for two (found in the cross-stitch section)
Spool of wide ribbon, color of your choice- $3.99
Single hole punch- $5.99 each
Elmer's glue (I had on hand, but I think it's about $1). glue dots, or craft glue
Total time: about two hours

Here are some of my items. I've already cut the scrapbook paper to size.

1- Outline on the cardboard your largest (tallest and widest)- you'll need two pieces. Cut them out.

Here's how the cards and the cardboard will fit together.

2- There are a couple ways you can handle using the colored paper. My inspiration used two halves of the colors; I used a whole piece of each color, with one on the outside and one on the inside. Either way, you'll need to trace out two pieces of the colored paper to match the cardboard shape. Glue these pieces onto the cardboard (this is where I used the Elmer's- my inspiration used glue dots). If you use Elmer's or craft glue, set aside for a few hours to allow to dry.

2.5- Once everything is dry, trim off any excess you have.

3- Punch holes in the upper-left corners of the cardboard pieces and your cards, large enough that the metal ring through. Don't put on the ring yet!

4- Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap around the two cardboard pieces, all of the cards, and to tie a bow in the front.

5- Place two holes in the middle of the back piece of cardboard (I used my craft scissors to do so). Put two holes in the middle of the ribbon length that you cut (I used my hole punch) so that they match up to the holes on the back piece of cardboard. Attach with the brads.

Here's how it will look on the outside (the back of the album)

Here's how it will look on the inside of the album.

6- Place everything on the ring- back piece, cards, front piece. Tie ribbon and voila! A pretty, accessible card album!

*My inspiration made letter to attach to the front using more scrapbook paper. I was given a stamper as a present, so I used my stamper to place a letter on the front. You can leave yours blank, or attach whatever you would like to the front.

I love how my project turned out and I found it to be rather easy and inexpensive. Here are some front and back pictures of the final product.

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