Saturday, March 3, 2012

Charity Feature- Donating Magazines

How many of us have piles of magazines hanging around the house? Or buy all sorts of weekly gossip magazines that we toss in the garbage as soon as we're done reading them?
How much does it suck too sit in a doctor's office or a hospital waiting room and have to read boring, outdated magazines? Or, even worse, sit in those waiting with nothing to read and having to watch really bad tv?
And how many of us want to be green?
A great way to get rid of the magazines (and delay their placement in a landfill) is to donate them to local hospitals. Volunteers at each hospital search through the donated magazines, ensuring that they are within an accepted timeframe (here, it's three months), and then divide up the magazines to bring to various waiting rooms. If the magazines aren't within the acceptable timeframe, then they are typically sent to a backfile of sorts that supplements any waiting rooms that are low on magazines.
To donate, call the main office and ask where you can donate the magazines. Normally, you will be told to bring them to the main desk or to the volunteer's office. Simple as that.

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